Product Documentation

To enroll an iOS device in Device Manager

Dec 21, 2015

To enroll your iOS device, go to the Apple iTunes App Store on your device and download the Citrix Enroll app.

  1. From the iTunes app store, download and install the Citrix Enroll app.
  2. On the iOS device Home screen, tap the Citrix Mobile Enroll app to start it.
  3. On the Welcom screen, tap Enroll.
  4. Enter your corporate email address and then tap the right arrow.
  5. Enter the password and then tap Next.
  6. When the device, user account, and Device Manager server is authenticated, a Safari browser starts with instructions for configuring the device. Tap 1 Install Company Profile.
  7. On the Install Profile screen, tap Install.
  8. If a warning page appears, tap Install.
  9. Tap Done. The profile finishes installing.
  10. On the Configure your device page, tap 2 Complete Enrollment.
  11. When enrollment is finished, close the app.

Once you have complete the enrollment process, if you have added apps - such as Citrix Worx Home and Citrix Receives - to the iOS base package, then the user will see installation messages to install those apps. A Device Manager base package will automatically push policies, configurations, and apps to the user as soon as they enroll, and are useful for making sure first time users get the data they need on their device for device management. For more information on base package setup, see How Base Packages Work.