Product Documentation

Requesting a Full Wipe for a Device

Dec 21, 2015

If a device is stolen or lost, you can send a request to have all data on a device be erased. For Android devices, this also includes the option to include any memory cards.

To fully wipe a device, from the Devices tab inside the XenMobile Device Manager web console, select Secuirty > Full Wipe.
Note: Erasing a device may not complete in full if the "current holder" of the device has time to turn the device off before the content of the memory card is completely deleted. As such, they may still have access to data on the device.

If the wipe of the device is not done and it is retrieved, you can cancel the wipe command by selecting the Cancel wipe menu item.

For Android devices, you can choose to wipe only the device, which removes any internally stored data, or choose to wipe the device, plus any externally connected storage data (memory cards).

For Windows Phone 8 Devices, a full wipe removes all MDM information plus all user data, including all personal content such as apps, emails, contacts, and media files.

For Windows Mobile devices that are not running Windows Mobile 6 or later, after wiping, it may be required to send the device back to the manufacturer to reload the original operating system and/or software.