Product Documentation

List of TouchDown Application Settings for Android Devices

Dec 21, 2015
Type: Boolean
If True, sends a copy (BCC) of all outgoing emails to the configured email address.
Type: Boolean
If True, reminds user of all appointments even if the appointment occurs during off hours or if the reminder is set to occur during off hours.
Type: Boolean
If True, this option will show all-day events in the TouchDown Calendar Widget.
Type: Boolean
This option gives two additional options:
  • Week starts on
  • Week ends on

Using these options the user can change the Week starts on and Week ends on options to select the start and end dates for the week.

Selecting a custom week start and end days will change the way the week view is shown. It will not affect the month view unless your Week start day is before the weekend day (Monday to Saturday).

Type: String
Automatically places the same privacy status for each new event unless otherwise specified by the user.
Type: Integer
Automatically places the same reminder length for each new event unless otherwise specified by the user.
Type: String
Automatically places the same availability status for each new event unless otherwise specified by the user.
Type: Boolean
If True, gives the ability to specify a resource field when creating new meetings. The user may use the resources field to specify non-attendees such as conference room resources or equipment which are available using an email address.
Type: Integer
Specifies the first day of the week to show in the calendar.
Type: Integer
Specifies the last day of the week to show in the calendar, where 1 - 7 represents Sunday - Saturday. For example, 1 = Monday, 2 = Tuesday, and so on.
Type: Boolean
If True, the day and week Views will be shown with a light theme.
Type: Boolean
If True, shows overdue tasks in the agenda.
Type: Boolean
If True, in the TouchDown Agenda view only current appointments that have not already passed for the current day are shown.
Defines date range of appointments to synchronize.


  • -1 = All
  • 4 = 2 Weeks
  • 5 = 1 Month
  • 6 = 3 Months
  • 7 = 6 Months
Type: Boolean
If True, shows the calendar tasks in the agenda.
Type: String
Species the end of the work day.
Type: String
Specifies the start of the work day.
Type: Integer
Indicates zoom size for showing the day and week views in larger size and fonts. A good recommended zoom size for high resolution devices is 150%.
Type: Boolean
Removes data from SD card when a remote wipe command is issued.
  • If True, will delete the entire SD card on remote wipe.
  • If False, remote wipe will delete only the TouchDown folder.
Defines how to copy TouchDown Exchange contacts to the phone book as First Last name or as Last First name. Values:
  • 0 = First Middle Initial Last
  • 1 = Last First Middle Initial
  • 2 = File As
Type: Boolean
Selected changes are deferred and batched to the server. This is selected by default and improves response time of the application as well as reduce the number of server updates.
Type: String
Default is Android. Once this value is set, it should not be changed.
Type: Boolean
If True, Smart Replies are turned off. This option should only be selected if the server does not allow SmartReplies and SmartForwards. If forwards and replies are not working, then turn this option ON to determine if it works.
Type: Boolean
If True, disables tablet mode even if it has detected that the user is working on a tablet. This option is specifically for tablet users who prefer the classic TouchDown view.
This option lets the user select the behavior when viewing a message and selecting to delete the message. Options include:
  • Email List. Go to the email list.
  • Next Email. Open the next email in the list. If none, go back to the email list view
  • Previous Email. Go to the previous email in the list. If none, go back to the email list view.
Type: Boolean
If True, then when the user opens Choose Folders or taps the email folder bar to change folders, the folder tree will always appear uncollapsed until the user manually collapses them.
Type: String
Specifies different fonts, sizes, colors and styles to be used when composing new messages in HTML mode.
Type: Boolean
If True, prompts user with a message each time the user deletes an email to confirm that the email should be deleted.
Defines the download size of the email messages from the server during synchronization. Zimbra users should set this to a value less than or equal to 10 KB.
  • 1=4KB
  • 2=5KB
  • 3=7KB
  • 4 =10KB
  • 5 = 20 KB
  • 6 = 50 KB
  • 7 = 100 KB
  • 8=Full
  • 10 = No body
Type: Boolean
If True, if using ActiveSync connection mode and HTML emails are enabled, embedded images within emails will automatically be downloaded and displayed. Note that this may cause some refreshing of the email message after each image is fetched and shown.
Type: Boolean
If True, makes the name of email sender of any email item larger and bold (as opposed to the subject).
Type: Boolean
If True, any read items in the email list will appear grey, without subject or sender in bold, leaving only unread emails fully lit and bold.
Type: Boolean
If True, when the user selects to move email messages to other folders, the user is able to move messages to folders that have not been selected for synchronization. If this is False, then the user can only move emails to folders that have already synchronized.
Type: Boolean
If True, each email message in the email list view will show a circle on the right side. The user can place a check mark against each message by tapping the circle. Once selected the user could perform operations like Delete, Mark as Read, Mark as Unread and Move to Folder on all the selected items at once by tapping the Menu button on the device and selecting the option from the menu that opens.
Type: Boolean
If True, view a sample thumbnail of email attachments after download but before attachments are opened with an attachment viewer.
Type: Boolean
If True, when the user searches for messages using the Menu/ Search option in the email list view, the messages are filtered according to the search string as typed. If this is False, the user must tap the green arrow next to the search string to perform the search.
Type: Boolean
If True, displays an email summary.
Type: Integer
Defines a date range of emails to synchronize. Default is 14 days.
Select the text size to use when viewing email messages. This can be set to 1 of 5 levels: smallest, smaller, normal, larger or largest.
Select how to display the toolbar. Values:
  • 0 = Always show
  • 1=Hide
  • 2 = Toggle on shake
Type: Boolean
If True, TouchDown will attempt to download and display emails in HTML format. If False, emails will be retrieved as plain text.
Note: If using a server other than Exchange server, this option is not recommended.
Type: Boolean
If True, ensures that media files are not scanned by the Android Gallery application when it scans the SD card for media files.
Type: Boolean
If True, displays tasks on the home screen window and on the task widget when they are viewed on the TouchDown Tasks Screen.
Type: Boolean
If True, honors the user's preference in the Android operating system if user has decided to turn off Background Data in device settings under the Accounts & Sync heading.
Type: Boolean
If True, lists contacts from the Android Phone Book as contact options for new email or SMS items.
Type: Boolean
If True, supresses push and polling when on a roaming network.
Type: Boolean
If True, deleting emails on the device will not remove them from the server.
Type: Boolean
If True, reading emails or marking them as read/unread on the device will not mark them as read/unread on the server.
Type: Boolean
If True, changes contact phone numbers as follows:
  • X and x, and extension will be replaced by a ; (semicolon)
  • P and p will be replaced with a ; (semicolon)
  • W and w will be replaced with a , (comma)
Type: Boolean
If True, shows a notification for reminders.
Type: Boolean
If True, sends a notification when a periodic data refresh fails.
Type: Boolean
If True, sends a notification when new messages are received.
Type: Boolean
If True, sends a notification when an entered password is incorrect.
Type: Boolean
If True, sends a notification when a successful data refresh is received.
Type: Integer

Defines off-peak polling interval. Any integer >=0, which specifies the polling minutes if polling is enabled during off peak hours.

Type: Integer
If True, TouchDown will periodically poll for changes even during off peak times.
Type: Integer
Defines the frequency to check for changes from the server. An ideal value is 15 minutes. Keep in mind that smaller polling intervals can increase battery drain. (Note: This only applies if Push is not enabled.)
Type: Boolean
If True, push email is enabled.
Type: Integer
Allows you to set interval of reminder repeats. Values:
  • 0 = No repeat reminders
  • X>0 = repeat after X minutes
  • X<0 = Repeat X minutes before appointment
Type: Boolean
If True, TouchDown will always open and display your email list.
Type: Integer
Comma-separated codes which will specify which fields to suppress.
Type: Boolean
If True, updates contact information on the device when detected on the server.