Product Documentation

Configuring Exchange Server for Windows Mobile Devices

Dec 21, 2015

Using the MS Exchange configuration for MS Outlook wizard in Device Manager, you can configure mobile email settings easily and automatically across your entire fleet of devices. These settings will generate the appropriate registry keys to synchronize with an Exchange server:

  • Exchange server name
  • Settings for receive emails and attachments
  • Calendar settings
  • Other settings

On the General tab, elect the appropriate device operating system type because different configuration options are available depending on the operating system release. For instance, tasks synchronization is available for Windows Mobile 6 devices but not for Windows Mobile 2003 or Windows Mobile 5.

If you create an Exchange tunnel, the value you enter in Server address has to be the same as the value you enter in Specify a local alias on the Tunnel tab, if you specified an alias. The server running Device Manager manages and optimizes the data stream and communication between the Exchange server and the mobile device.