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To configure an Exchange policy on iOS

Dec 21, 2015
Important: In this release of Device Manager, Citrix strongly recommends that you do not create and deploy more than one email attachment encryption policy, or conflicts will occur for users. If you deploy more than one policy and the policies are not identical, the rules of the policy will conflict with users to whom you have deployed either one of the policies.

To configure an Exchange ActiveSync policy

  1. On the Policies tab, under iOS, click Configurations.
  2. On the New Configuration menu, click Profiles and Settings > Exchange ActiveSync.
  3. On the General tab, enter a name and description for the policy.
  4. On the Exchange ActiveSync tab, enter the Exchange ActiveSync configuration details for your organization as follows:
    Option Description
    Exchange ActiveSync account name Name of the Exchange account.
    Exchange ActiveSync host The Exchange server host name (or IP address).

    Use SSL. Optional. Specifies whether the Exchange server uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for authentication.

    Domain Domain under which the Exchange server resides.
    User The user name for the Exchange account.
    Email address

    Specifies the full email address for the account.

    Note: For the preceding user name and email address, Citrix used Device Manager system macros, ${user.username} and ${user.mail}, which will automatically look up specific users and their email accounts based on the format listed.
    Password Optional. The password of the account. Use only with encrypted profiles.
    Mail last days to synchronize The time the range in the past from which to synchronize the email account.
    Identity credential (Keystore or PKI credential) Optional. An identity credential type.
  5. On the Exchange ActiveSync Policy - Policy tab, enter the following information:
    • Authorize email move between accounts. Select if you want to authorize moving emails between two or more accounts. (Available only in iOS 5 and iOS 6.)
    • Sending email only from Mail application. Select if you want to enforce that emails from the account can only be sent from the mail application (and no other mail clients). (Available only in iOS 5 and iOS 6.)
    • Disable mail Recents syncing. Select if you want to prevent recently used email addresses from being synced with other devices through iCloud. (Available only in iOS 6.)
    • Enable S/MIME. Select if you want your email server to use S/MIME public key encryption.
  6. Click Create.