Product Documentation

To obtain an authentication certificate from OpenTrust PKI

Dec 21, 2015
The authentication between the OpenTrust Adapter is secured by using a client certificate that needs to be generated from OpenTrust PKI server.
  1. Log in to the OpenTrust PKI server, browse to Enrollment Entity and then click Request a Certificate.
  2. Select Other and then click Next.
  3. Select Authentication and then click Next.
  4. Enter the required parameters and then click Next.
  5. You now need to validate the certificate request. Navigate to Registration Authority > Enrollment > List Certificate Requests.
  6. Select your certificate request and then click Process selected requests.
  7. Click Approve.
  8. You now need to retrieve the certificate. Navigate toEnrollment Entity > Search for a Certificate > Enrollment.
  9. Enter your search criteria and then click Search.
  10. Find your certificate and then click the name.
  11. Click Integrate this certificate into your browser (or smartcard).
  12. Open the certificate store of your web browser. For example, with Firefox, navigate to Options, click the Encryption tab and then click View Certificates.
  13. In the Certificate Manager, click the Your Certificates tab.
  14. Select your certificate and then click Backup.
  15. Enter the password and save the resulting p12 file. You will need the file and password when you configure the adapter.