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Fixed issues

Dec 09, 2016

Fixed issues in this release: 

  • Install Capture is running with the Autoclick feature even when it is not selected.

    [# AppDNA-972] 
  • The AppDNA database does not upgrade successfully due to data inconsistencies in the reporting tables.

    [# AppDNA-970]
  • OS image does not import. Error displayed: Incorrect syntax near ')'.

    [# AppDNA-958]
  • Auto-analysis does not start when apps in import list have same fingerprints.

    [# AppDNA-943]
  • The Advanced button is not correctly displayed in the Configure Interoperability solution.

    [# AppDNA-940]
  • There is an error when two or more application attribute forms are created and you try to edit an application property.

    [# AppDNA-931]
  • "Unable to generate your report" error shown when opening a report from Groups.

    [# AppDNA-885]
  • Cannot connect to a local Hyper-V server unless using the localhost string.

    [# AppDNA-881] 
  • OS image does not import for a specific image with the error "System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException".

    [# AppDNA-860]
  • The algorithm IE9_SCRIPT_DOM_010 is not executed correctly.

    [# AppDNA-849]
  • A message is shown on the Report Export progress page that should not be there.

    [# AppDNA-843]
  • The message "Unable to generate your report" is displayed when you open the report from the Analysis Progress window.

    [# AppDNA-830]
  • Integrated authentication does not work for users in a child domain when they are a member of a universal group.

    [# AppDNA-793]
  • The Remediation report export does not work when the application name contains apostrophe.

    [# AppDNA-695]
  • Incorrect action status (RAG - Red Amber Green) shown in the overview summary report for apps with journals.

    [# AppDNA-645]
  • In the AppDNA web client, it is not possible to navigate through reports from the sidebar after running the overview summary report.

    [# AppDNA-636] 
  • The Analyze button is available for application stubs even when they have not been imported.

    [# AppDNA-635]
  • In the AppDNA web client in Chrome and Firefox, the data in the Remediation Issues report is not displaying correctly.

    [# AppDNA-634]
  • In the Application List screen, filtering then selecting all applications selects all the applications instead of all the filtered applications.

    [# AppDNA-612]
  • Blank screen displays when taking snapshot in the snapshot selection screen in VM configuration wizard. Click Next to continue.

    [# AppDNA-566] 
  • Not possible to delete the last VM configuration.

    [# AppDNA-511]
  • The Build Assessment Comparison report shows too many results per page.

    [# AppDNA-483]
  • In the AppDNA client, it is not possible to delete a journal.

    [# AppDNA-477]
  • The Change Selection link is not working in the AppDNA web client.

    [# AppDNA-455]
  • In the AppDNA client, a new attribute is shown in the Attribute form only after restarting AppDNA.

    [# AppDNA-451]
  • When you add an existing attribute in the Create New Attribute window, the full length of the attribute text is not displayed.

  • In the web client for a stub application, the Path column value should be NA (not 0).

    [# AppDNA-421]
  • "WorxWeb" is missing in the report summary on the dashboard.

    [# AppDNA-344] 
  • In the AppDNA client, clicking the OK button does not save the changes to fields in attribute forms.

    [# AppDNA-255]
  • If an application has been analysed for a module and there are no changes in the module's algorithm set, the analysis of the application should show the "up-to-date" status and skip the algorithms. The "up-to-date" status was missing.

    [# AppDNA-216]
  • In the AppDNA web client, it is not possible to log on with a six character password.

    [# AppDNA-183]
  • Incorrect formatting showing on report tables.

    [# AppDNA-111]
  • Applications are not assigned to groups during an MSI import.

    [# AppDNA-103]
  • The Hyper-V plugin is not showing the machine created snapshot name in VM configuration wizard.

    [# AppDNA-93]
  • Country is a required field in the User details table. It should not be.

    [# AppDNA-61]