Product Documentation


Oct 16, 2015

Citrix® EdgeSight™ is a performance and availability management solution for XenDesktop, XenApp and endpoint systems. EdgeSight monitors applications, devices, sessions, license usage, and the network in real time, allowing users to quickly analyze, resolve, and proactively prevent problems. You perform administrative tasks using the Citrix EdgeSight Server Console.

Citrix EdgeSight consists of the following components:

  • EdgeSight Agents
  • EdgeSight Server
  • EdgeSight Server Console
  • Citrix License Server

Additional components are required when monitoring virtual desktops, as described in Installing EdgeSight for Monitoring Virtual Desktops. Note that EdgeSight requires the use of SQL Server Reporting Services for the generation of historical reports. See System Requirements for EdgeSight 5.4 for both agent and server system requirements.

The following figure shows the relationship between these components and the systems being monitored:

Conceptual illustration of EdgeSight network architecture