Product Documentation

New Features for EdgeSight 5.4

Oct 16, 2015

Contents of this Release

EdgeSight 5.4 consists of EdgeSight Server and EdgeSight Agent components. For the initial release of EdgeSight 5.4, only two components were modified:

  • EdgeSight Server (32- and 64-bit versions)
  • EdgeSight for XenApp 6 Agent (only available in a 64-bit version, due to the underlying Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system)

No changes were made to the other EdgeSight components, so they remained at their existing version levels. The EdgeSight 5.4 release media therefore included the following components:

  • EdgeSight Server 5.4 - NEW
  • EdgeSight for XenApp 6 Agent 5.4 - NEW
    Note: This agent replaces the EdgeSight for XenApp 6 Agent 5.3, which monitored XenApp 6.0 for Windows Server 2008 R2 systems; the new agent adds support for monitoring XenApp 6.5 systems.
  • EdgeSight for XenApp Agent 5.3 Hotfix 4
  • EdgeSight for Endpoints Agent 5.3 Hotfix 2
  • EdgeSight for Virtual Desktops Agent 5.3 HotFix 2
  • EdgeSight Agent Database Server 5.3
  • EdgeSight Active Application Monitoring (AAM) 5.3 SP2
Note: Certain older versions of EdgeSight agents can also upload data to an EdgeSight 5.4 Server. For details, refer to the version compatibility matrices in System Requirements for EdgeSight 5.4.

To download the latest hotfixes, go to and search for EdgeSight hotfix.

New Features

EdgeSight 5.4 includes the following new features:

  • Agent support for XenApp 6.5 for Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Support for SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2 and 2012.
  • Reporting on user/device license usage in the license trend and usage reports available on the Track Usage tab.
  • The ability to export a list of user/device licenses currently checked out from a selected license server running Citrix Licensing 11.9. The User/Device License List is available on the Track Usage tab.
  • The addition of advanced EdgeSight Agent properties used to regulate the number and frequency of event log message alerts for each log type (Application, Security, and System).

New and Revised Reports and SQL Views

The User/Device License List is the only new report included in this release.

There are no new SQL views, but the vw_lsm_archive_license_statistics (License Server Monitor Archive) SQL view was revised to remove unused fields and add fields related to user/device license data. The following fields were removed:

  • license_type
  • grace_period
  • component_list
  • subscription_advantage
  • overdraft_protection
  • days_to_expire
  • perm_license_count

The following fields were added:

  • total_user_count
  • total_device_count
Use of the revised SQL view requires EdgeSight Server 5.4 and Citrix Licensing 11.9.

Citrix License Server Monitoring

You can use EdgeSight 5.4 to monitor license servers that are running Citrix Licensing 11.9.

Important: If you are upgrading from EdgeSight 5.3 and have been monitoring license servers running earlier versions of Citrix Licensing, you must upgrade to Citrix Licensing 11.9 to monitor those license servers with EdgeSight 5.4.