Product Documentation


Oct 16, 2015

You can deploy and configure software to forward EdgeSight alerts to Microsoft® System Center Operations Manager 2007 (SCOM) and to monitor the health of EdgeSight Servers. The required software includes the Citrix EdgeSight Management Pack and EdgeSight Server 5.2 or later. Currently, only alerts generated by EdgeSight for XenApp agents can be forwarded.

About the Citrix EdgeSight Management Pack

The Citrix EdgeSight Management Pack, along with the EdgeSight alert actions feature, facilitates alert forwarding from an EdgeSight Server to SCOM. The Management Pack also includes monitors, rules, views, and tasks for monitoring the health of Citrix EdgeSight Servers.

When you import the EdgeSight Management Pack, it discovers all EdgeSight Servers and implements rules that receive and display the alerts forwarded by the EdgeSight Server.

EdgeSight Management Pack includes the following features:

  • Collects and displays alerts forwarded by EdgeSight Server
  • Monitors the health of the Citrix RSSH Admin and Citrix RSSH Application Manager services
  • Remotely restarts the Citrix RSSH Admin and Citrix RSSH Application Manager services if they are stopped
  • Collects EdgeSight errors written to the Application Event Log on the EdgeSight Server
  • Provides multiple methods to launch the EdgeSight Server Console from within the Operations Manager console

About the Forward to Microsoft System Center Operations Manager Alert Action

The EdgeSight alert actions feature is used to forward EdgeSight Alerts to the Operations Manager Root Management Server. The Forward to Microsoft System Center Operations Manager alert action allows you to specify an alert name, a root management server, and a set of credentials for authentication to that server.

Deployment Diagram

The following diagram illustrates communications between Citrix EdgeSight Server and SCOM. The EdgeSight Management Pack workflow is as follows:

  1. The EdgeSight agent running on a XenApp server detects an error condition and sends an alert to the EdgeSight Server
  2. An alert action on the EdgeSight Server forwards the alert to SCOM
  3. The EdgeSight Management Pack, within SCOM, receives the EdgeSight alert and displays it in the Operations Manager Console; aggregating EdgeSight alerts with SCOM alerts into one logical view