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System Requirements for EdgeSight Alert Integration with System Center Operations Manager

Oct 16, 2015

Citrix EdgeSight alert integration with System Center Operations Manager requires the Citrix EdgeSight MP file that you import into Operations Manager from the Operations Console.

Operations Manager 2007 Server

To use the Management Pack, you must be running Operations Manager 2007. The Operations Manager 2007 minimum hardware and software requirements can be found here:

You must import the Citrix XenApp Management Pack v5.0 into Operations Manager prior to importing the EdgeSight Management Pack. The XenApp Management Pack is available on the XenApp Server Enterprise and Platinum Edition DVD or by download at

It is important to import the XenApp Management Pack files into Operations Manager in the following order:


The is also part of the XenApp Management Pack, but is not required by the EdgeSight Management Pack.

Note: Be sure to configure a Citrix Administrator Account “Run As Profile” with the Citrix administrator credentials after your import Failure to complete this step can prevent Citrix servers from appearing in the Citrix Managed Servers group. See the Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 Administrator's Guide, for XenApp 5.0 for Windows Server 2008 at for detailed instructions.

XenApp 5 and Presentation Server 4.x Servers

You must install the Operations Manager Agent and the Citrix EdgeSight for XenApp Agent on all XenApp and / or Presentation Servers as described in How to Deploy the Operations Manager 2007 Agent Using the Agent Setup Wizard (

Ensure the Citrix servers are properly discovered and monitored in both EdgeSight and Operations Manager.

EdgeSight Server

You must install the Operations Manager Agent on the EdgeSight Server to allow Operations Manager to discover and monitor the server, as well as receive alerts from the EdgeSight Server. Installation procedures are provided in as described in How to Deploy the Operations Manager 2007 Agent Using the Agent Setup Wizard (

You must also install the Operations Manager Console which includes libraries required for EdgeSight Server to communicate with the Operations Manager Root Management Server, as described in How to Deploy an Operations Manager 2007 Operations Console Using the Setup Wizard (

Prerequisites Review

Note: These prerequisites are listed in the order in which they must be imported or installed.

Operations Manager 2007 Server

  • Import
  • Import

XenApp Servers

  • Install EdgeSight Agent
  • Install Operations Manager Agent

EdgeSight Server

  • Install Operations Manager Agent
  • Install Operations Manager Console or Operations Manager Authoring Console