Product Documentation

License Server Monitoring

Oct 16, 2015

If desired, you can use the License Server Monitoring feature of EdgeSight 5.4 to monitor license servers that are running Citrix Licensing 11.9. All related settings are located on the Configure tab under the License Monitor Configuration menu item.

Note: You can monitor earlier versions of Citrix Licensing (11.5, 11.6, or 11.6.1) by setting up a separate EdgeSight Server running EdgeSight 5.3.

License server monitoring does not depend on an EdgeSight Agent to gather information. Once a license server has been configured for monitoring, EdgeSight Server directly polls the license server for information on license usage. Polling is performed by the core_lsm_license_poller server script. The data returned from the license servers is displayed in the Citrix Licensing reports available from the Track Usage tab.

Note: If there is a firewall between the Citrix License Server and the EdgeSight Server, you must specify a static Citrix Vendor Daemon Port number on the license server. Refer to your Citrix License Server documentation for more information.

Managing License Server Polling

Use the Settings page to configure how often the specified license servers will be polled and if email is to be sent to the EdgeSight Administrator if polling fails.The timer controlling when polling occurs starts after the previous polling cycle is completed. For example, setting the polling interval to 15 minutes means that a polling cycle will be initiated 15 minutes from the time that the last polling cycle completed. To assist you in selecting a reasonable poll interval, the total time taken to poll all configured license servers is displayed.

As you add more license servers, or network traffic increases, you may need to increase the poll interval to ensure that all servers are polled within the polling interval. Similarly, if you decrease the number of license servers, you may want to reduce the polling interval and retrieve license data more often.

The order in which license servers are polled can change from one polling cycle to the next, because EdgeSight starts by polling the license server which has not been polled for the greatest amount of time. For more information on polling settings, see the “Add or Edit License Server Configuration” topic in online help.

Configuring License Servers for Monitoring

The License Servers page allows you to configure which license servers are to be monitored, enable and disable polling for a server, and delete a server configuration. Once you configure a server and enable polling, the license server is polled in the upcoming polling cycle.

You may want to disable polling for a server if polling errors are occurring and the problem is being investigated, or if the server is being taken down for upgrade or maintenance. Previously collected license information from disabled servers will still appear in the License Usage Trending report, but no new license information is displayed for the disabled server in the License Usage Summary report.

Important: Deleting a license server configuration deletes all license usage data associated with that license server from the EdgeSight database. After deletion, no data from the license server is displayed in the license usage reports.

For more information on configuring license server monitoring see the “License Servers” and “Add License Server Configuration” topics in online help.