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Configure StorageZones Controller for Web App Previews, Thumbnails and View-Only Sharing

Dec 22, 2015

To support in-browser document preview, thumbnails and View-Only sharing of data stored in customer-managed StorageZones, configure the StorageZones controller as follows:

  1. In the StorageZones Controller console, click the ShareFile Data tab.
  2. In the Local Network Share Configuration section, enable Configure office web apps previews
  3. Enter the external URL of your Microsoft Office Web Apps (OWA) server.
    1. Users must download and configure the OWA server software via their Microsoft Office MSDN subscription.
  4. Verify that the OWA URL is externally accessible.
  5. In the StorageZones Controller Console, click the Monitoring tab.
  6. Verify that OWA Server Connectivity has a green checkmark.
Configure Clock Synchronization
Modifying the OWA URAL or Disabling Previews
  • Either of the above actions requires that the IIS service be restarted for each Primary and Secondary controller.
On-Premise File Preview Rendering
  • On-premise file previews are rendered by your on-premise Microsoft Office Web Apps (OWA) Server.
  • When previewing files stored on a Citrix-managed StorageZone, previews will be rendered by Citrix-managed or Microsoft-managed OWA servers.
The following Zone types do not support in-browser previewing:
  • Restricted StorageZones
  • Connectors
For information on how to configure your NetScaler for View-Only Sharing, see Configure NetScaler for StorageZones Controller. 
Time to Live (TTL) Limit
Time to Live (TTL) limit for your file when viewing is approximately 4 hours. After previewing a file for that amount of time, the document preview is canceled and the user must click the magnifying glass or the shared file URL again to start a new preview session.
To modify the TTL limit, you must edit the AppSettingsRelease.config file as follows:
  • Navigate to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StorageCenter\Wopiserver
  • Open the AppSettingsRelease.config file for editing
  • Locate the following string and modify the value as needed.
    • <add key="WopiRequestExpiryTimeInMins" value="240"/><!-- TTL set to 4 hours -->
  • Restart IIS
  • Repeat the above steps for each server in the Zone.