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What's new in StorageZones Controller 3.3

Dec 22, 2015

StorageZones Controller 3.3 introduces these new features:

  • View Only Sharing, Web App Previews and Thumbnails. ShareFile now allows you to combine the StorageZones Controller and Office Web App Server onto a single external address using NetScaler content switching policies. This feature allows you to remove the download option when sharing files, preview on-premise files and their thumbnails on the Web App, disable the Download, Print and Copy operations within the web browser's Document Viewer, and prevent users from downloading or sharing files stored in a folder.

Note: You can upgrade to StorageZones Controller 3.3 from version 3.0.1 or later. If your current StorageZones Controller version is 3.0.0 or earlier, you must upgrade to StorageZones Controller 3.0.1 before upgrading to 3.3. For details, see Upgrade.

Known issues in release 3.3


  • By design, configuration changes to a StorageZones Controller are not propagated to other Controllers in the same StorageZone. After any configuration change, be sure to restart the IIS server on the primary and secondary servers and then log into the configuration page on each server.
  • Use of Microsoft Azure or Amazon S3 storage with StorageZones Controller requires DNS connectivity between that storage and your temporary CIFS storage. If StorageZones Controller cannot contact those providers, you may experience upload or download failures. [#SFSZP-361]
  • For allowed and denied paths, long-form URL paths to SharePoint folders are not always enforced. Use the short form instead. [#25318]

    Example short URL path: one/

    In the long version of that same URL, Folder one is expanded to Forms/AllItems.aspx?RootFolder=%xxx.

  • SharePoint documents are truncated if StorageZones Controller and SharePoint share the same XenServer host and the network adapter setting Large Send Offload is enabled on the SharePoint server. To work around this issue, disable Large Send Offload on the SharePoint server or disable Large Receive Offload on the StorageZones Controller server. [#17103]
  • If your StorageZones Controller is behind a proxy server configured with Basic or Windows Challenge/Response (NTLM) authentication, you cannot set up Azure storage for your ShareFile StorageZone data. To use Azure storage for StorageZone data, configure the proxy server for Anonymous authentication. [#105283]
  • The ShareFileURL registry entry is not updated after you change your ShareFile subdomain. To work around this issue, update the value of the following ShareFileURL entries on each StorageZones Controller server: [#102158]