Product Documentation

Configuring and Enabling Site-specific Monitors

Oct 09, 2015

Most state monitors and processing rules that are specific to XenApp are enabled by default and begin functioning after you install the Management Pack. However, some of these are disabled by default because they require configuration specific to your site.

Disabled monitors appear dimmed. The monitors in the following table control how Operations Manager processes and responds to information.

Disabled Monitor Associated Alert Description of Monitor
Too Many Disconnected Sessions The number of disconnected sessions on this server is high. Defines an upper limit of disconnected XenApp sessions. The global default is 100 sessions. If this limit is exceeded, the alert warns you about possible performance problems. Note that this limit is used for all managed servers. This monitor is disabled by default because the acceptable number of disconnected sessions varies between sites.
Citrix Session Idle Too Long A Citrix session has been idle too long

Runs a script that retrieves information from the XenApp Provider to determine if an XenApp session has been idle too long. If a session is idle too long, the script triggers an alert in response to the Operations Manager event. The alert signals problems with the session.

Note that all sessions, including idle sessions, consume resources. Therefore, idle sessions might cause problems where server resources are limited.

This monitor is disabled by default because the acceptable length of time for which a session should be idle varies among sites.

Too Many Active Sessions The number of active sessions on this server is high. Triggers an alert to signal that there are too many active sessions running on a server.

This monitor is disabled by default because the number of active sessions is dependent upon several variables including the hardware and software in your deployment.

Sample Published Application Load From Load Balancing Enabling this monitor displays information in the “Published Application Load From Load Balancing” health monitoring view. Retrieves WMI information about the published application load from Load Manager.

This monitor is disabled by default because this information is available only if you are using Load Manager in your server farm and if you configured the application load level.