Product Documentation

Security Considerations for the Management Pack

Oct 09, 2015

To display information about servers and server farms using the Management Pack, you must have the appropriate administration rights in Operations Manager.

Operations Manager uses a component called the Operations Manager Agent Service to retrieve data from servers, including servers running the XenApp Provider. The Operations Manager Agent Service runs using the Operations Manager Agent Action account. Because the Provider requires Citrix administration rights, the Operations Manager Agent Action account must also have full Citrix administration rights. If this account does not have the appropriate rights, error messages appear when attempting to access WMI data specific to XenApp.

You must be a member of the appropriate Operations Manager user or administrator group to view alerts and information on the Operations Manager Console. If you are not a member of the appropriate group, access to information and functions is restricted, regardless of whether you are a Citrix administrator or not.
Important: Users who have the appropriate administration rights in Operations Manager can view information relating to XenApp in the Operations Manager Console. However, these users might not be Citrix administrators. Depending upon how your accounts are set up in Operations Manager, users might be able to view information about XenApp that is not normally available to them in the Access Management Console or the XenApp Advanced Configuration tool. Therefore, Citrix recommends that you take this into consideration when managing your Operations Manager user and administrator groups.

By default, the WMI namespace for the Licensing Provider allows access to all authenticated users. Therefore, you might want to review access control list (ACL) settings for the Licensing Provider namespace (\root\CitrixLicensing).