Product Documentation

System Requirements for the Management Pack

Oct 09, 2015

To use the Management Pack, you must be running Operations Manager 2007 or Operations Manager 2007 SP1. For information about Operations Manager 2007 minimum hardware and software requirements, see your Operations Manager 2007 documentation.

To obtain information about servers and the server farm, the Management Pack requires the XenApp Provider to be installed on every XenApp computer that you want to monitor. The XenApp Provider is a data provider that extracts information about the server on which it is installed and presents this to the Operations Manager Agent. The Provider supplies information about the server and, where appropriate, about the farm in which this server operates.

The Management Pack also requires the Licensing Provider to be installed on the license servers if you want to monitor them. The Licensing Provider is a data provider that supplies information about Citrix licenses. For example, the Management Pack displays information about the number of licenses in use for each license pool, and raises alerts if the pool is low on available licenses or if a license is about to expire.

Both Providers are installed by default. For more information about the Providers, see Managing Providers and WMI.

Only licensed servers running Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 or later are fully supported as managed servers. Unlicensed servers and servers running earlier versions are not monitored by the Management Pack.

The Management Pack does not support agentless monitoring.