Product Documentation

Installing XenApp from the Command Line

Oct 09, 2015

Command Syntax

On the server where you want to install XenApp or other roles, from the "XenApp Server Setup\bin\" directory on the XenApp media, type the following at a command prompt:

XenAppSetupConsole.exe options_properties

Options and Properties

Displays command help.
Path for the log file generated during the installation.
Comma-delimited list of components, features, or technologies to install. Valid values are:
  • EdgeSightServer. EdgeSight Server.
  • Licensing. Citrix Licensing Server.
  • MerchandisingServer. Merchandising Server.
  • PCMAdmin. Power and Capacity Management administration components.
  • Provisioning. Provisioning Services.
  • Secure Gateway. Secure Gateway.
  • SmartAuditorServer. SmartAuditor server.
  • SsonService. Single sign-on service.
  • WebInterface. Web Interface.
  • XenApp. XenApp server.
    If you select XenApp, the Delivery Services Console, Citrix online plug-in, and Citrix offline plug-in are installed by default. You can also specify one or more of the following options to install, separated by commas. If you do not specify an option, it is not installed.
    Option Description
    XA_IISIntegration If the server has IIS role services installed, this option is installed by default and the Citrix XML Service and IIS share a port (default = 80). If the server does not have the IIS role services installed, XA_IISIntegration is not installed by default, and the Citrix XML Service defaults to standalone mode with its own port settings, which you can change during XenApp configuration.
    EdgeSightAgentFeature EdgeSight agent.
    SmartAuditorAgentFeature SmartAuditor agent.
    SSONAgentFeature Single sign-on plug-in.
    PCMAgentFeature Power and Capacity Management agent.
    PVDeviceFeature Provisioning Services target device.
(Valid only when installing the XenApp server) Comma-separated list of sub-features to be omitted from the installation. Valid values are:
  • XA_Console. Omits the automatic installation of the Delivery Services Console when you install the XenApp role.
  • XA_IISIntegration. Exclude this sub-feature if the server has IIS role services installed, but you choose to use a nondefault XML port (default = 80) for your installation. If the server has the IIS role services installed and you do not specify /exclude:XA_IISIntegration, the default XML port is selected and you cannot reconfigure this setting later.
Specifies the XenApp edition. Valid values are:
  • Platinum
  • Enterprise
  • Advanced
If no edition is specified, the default is /Platinum.
Specifies where to create a log file.
Specifies where to install the items. Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix
Specifies where to install the Citrix online plug-in. Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ICA Client


The following command installs the XenApp server Platinum Edition in its default location.
XenAppSetupConsole.exe /install:XenApp /Platinum
The following command installs the XenApp server Platinum edition and the Web Interface in C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix (which is the default location).
XenAppSetupConsole.exe /install:XenApp,WebInterface  
INSTALLDIR=C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix
The following command installs the XenApp server Platinum Edition and the Single sign-on plug-in, and excludes installation of the Delivery Services Console.
/install:XenApp,SSONAgentFeature /exclude:XA_Console