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Installation Manager

Oct 09, 2015

Installation Manger is a XenApp feature you can use to distribute hot fixes, patches, and file/registry updates. You can also use Installation Manager to distribute simple applications, but Citrix recommends using application streaming or App-V to manage applications. Additionally, you can use XenApp Connector for Configuration Manager 2007 R2 to install and publish applications to XenApp servers.

Use Installation Manager to:
  • Schedule the installation of MSI or MSP packages on target XenApp servers. You can also specify an MST (transform) file to change parameters in the MSI package.
  • Distribute XML files generated by Windows Task Scheduler to target XenApp servers.
  • Automate server restarts after installing an application on a target XenApp server, making the application and the server ready for use. You can also notify users of upcoming operations such as a server restart.
  • Associate a published application with a XenApp server.
  • View task status to see if it ran successfully on target XenApp servers.

You can use Installation Manager through a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in, or by issuing custom Microsoft PowerShell cmdlets.

Installation Manager Components and Packages

An Installation Manager environment has the following components:
Component Description
Task management computer The computer where you manage task deployment.
File share Transfers and stores task files, including storing cache files containing previously scheduled tasks and results. For regional deployments, you may want to use multiple file shares.
Target servers The XenApp servers on which tasks are deployed.

The task management computer and the file share can be on separate computers or on one of the target servers.

Installation Manager comprises two packages:
Package Description


Contains the core Installation Manager functionality. Install this package on the task management computer.


Contains the PowerShell cmdlets required for MSI or MSP installation on target servers. Install this package on the target servers.

Note: If you will not use Installation Manager to deploy MSI or MSP packages, you do not need to install the Utilities package on the target servers.