Product Documentation

Using Citrix Performance Monitoring Counters

Oct 09, 2015

Performance monitoring counters for ICA data are installed with XenApp and can be accessed from Performance Monitor, which is part of the Windows operating system. Performance monitoring provides valuable information about utilization of network bandwidth and helps determine if a bottleneck exists.

By using Performance Monitor, you can monitor the following counters:
  • Bandwidth and compression counters for ICA sessions and computers running XenApp
  • Bandwidth counters for individual virtual channels within an ICA session
  • Latency counters for ICA sessions
  1. On the server where XenApp is installed, open the Server Manager console.
  2. In the Tree view, select Diagnostics > Performance > Monitoring Tools > Performance Monitor.
  3. From the menu bar, selection Action > Properties.
  4. In the Performance Monitors dialog box, select the Data tab.
  5. Click Add.
  6. In the Add Counters dialog box, from the Select counters from computer drop-down list, ensure Local computer is selected.
  7. In the Available counters list, select ICA Session.
  8. To add all ICA counters, in the Available counters list, select ICA Session. To add one or more ICA counters, click the plus sign next to ICA Session and select the individual counters to be added.
  9. Select All instances to enable all instances of the selected ICA counters, No instance, or Select instances from list and highlight only the instances you need. In Performance Monitor, the instance list contains all active ICA sessions, which includes any session (shadower) that is shadowing an active ICA session (shadowee). An active session is one that is logged on to successfully and is in use; a shadowing session is one that initiated shadowing of another ICA session.
    Note: In a shadowing session, although you can select ICA counters to monitor, you see no performance data for that session until shadowing is terminated.
  10. Click Add and then click Close.

    You can now use Performance Monitor to view and analyze performance data for the ICA counters you added. For more information about using Performance Monitor, see your Windows documentation.