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Updating Citrix License Server Settings

Oct 09, 2015

XenApp servers must point to the license server where license files are stored. The license server settings include the name of the license server that your farm accesses to check out licenses and the port number the license server uses to communicate.

You can set the license server settings with the XenApp Server Configuration tool when creating or joining a farm, or you can change the settings through a Citrix policy by specifying the name of the license server or port number that the license server uses to communicate in the Licensing section of the policy and apply the policy through filters.

You may want to change these settings in the following instances:
  • You rename your license server.
  • You want to point to a second license server to relieve some of the traffic to the first license server. For example, you have many connections and you find that it is slowing down the network, or you would like to add a second license server to the farm and point half of the connections to it.
  • You want to specify another license server to point to individual servers to segregate licenses. For example, you want to host the accounting department’s licenses on a server other than the human resources department.
  • The default port number (27000) is already in use.
  • You have a firewall between the license server and the computers running your Citrix products, and you must specify a static Citrix vendor daemon port number.
To change the name of the license server or port number that it uses to communicate, configure the Citrix policy for Licensing by setting the following options:
  • Enter the License server host name of the server hosting XenApp licenses.
  • Enter the License server port number (default 27000).

Changing the settings on this page is only one part of the procedure, however.

If you decide to change the license server name, ensure that a license server with the new name already exists on your network. Because license files are tied to the license server’s host name, if you change the license server name, you must download a license file that is generated for the new license server. This may involve returning and reallocating the licenses. To return and reallocate your licenses, go to

If you change the port number, specify the new number in all license files on the server.

For additional information, see Licensing Your Product.

To set the product edition

The product editions of XenApp support different features. To activate the features available with a particular edition installed on each server, set the product edition on each server through Citrix policies.

The product edition also determines which type of license a server requests from the license server. Make sure the edition you set match the licenses you installed.

  1. Locate the Citrix policies for Server Settings, and configure the XenApp product edition setting.
  2. Create a filter to apply the policy to specific worker groups.
  3. To apply the change, you must restart each server affected by the policy.