Product Documentation

Creating Citrix Policies

Oct 09, 2015

Before you create a policy, decide which group of users or devices you want it to affect. You may want to create a policy based on user job function, connection type, client device, or geographic location. Alternatively, you can use the same criteria that you use for Windows Active Directory group policies.

If you already created a policy that applies to a group, consider editing the policy and configuring the appropriate settings instead of creating another policy. Avoid creating a new policy solely to enable a specific setting or to exclude the policy from applying to certain users.

To create a policy

  1. Depending on the console you use to manage Citrix policies:
    • From the Delivery Services Console, select the Policies node in the left pane and then select the Computer or User tab.
    • From the Group Policy Editor, select the Citrix Policies node in the left pane.
  2. Click New. The New Policy wizard appears.
  3. Enter the policy name and, optionally, a description. Consider naming the policy according to who or what it affects; for example, Accounting Department or Remote Users.
  4. Choose the policy settings you want to configure.
  5. Choose the filters you want to apply to the policy.
  6. Elect to leave the policy enabled or clear the Enable this policy checkbox to disable the policy. Enabling the policy allows it to be applied immediately to users logging on to the farm. Disabling the policy prevents it from being applied. If you need to prioritize the policy or add settings at a later time, consider disabling the policy until you are ready to apply it to users.