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Server Session Settings

Oct 09, 2015

The Server Session Settings section contains policy settings for configuring session importance and Single Sign-On.

Session importance

This setting specifies the importance level at which a session is run.

If the CPU management server level setting is configured for No CPU utilization management, sessions with higher importance levels are allowed to use more CPU cycles than sessions with lower importance levels.

If the CPU management server level setting is configured for Preferential Load Balancing, sessions with higher importance levels are directed to servers with lower resource allotments.

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CPU Management Server Level

Single Sign-On

This setting enables or disables the use of Single Sign-on when users connect to servers or published applications in a XenApp farm. By default, Single Sign-On is enabled.

Single Sign-On central store

This setting specifies the UNC path of the Single Sign-On central store to which users are allowed to connect.

Policies apply only to shared folders you configure to be Single Sign-On central stores. If you want this setting to use the central store specified by the Single Sign-On plug-in, leave this field blank.

Server farm zone failover preferences apply only to published objects, not to central stores. If the user’s preferred zone is not operating and the connection fails over to a backup zone, the user cannot access published objects using Single Sign-On if the central store is in the failed zone.