Product Documentation

Managing Session Environments and Connections

Oct 09, 2015

Provide user access to your farm’s resources by:

  • Customizing user environments
  • Controlling connections
  • Monitoring, managing, and optimizing sessions

When a user initially connects to your farm and opens a published application, the server opens the application in a session. In XenApp, the term session refers to a particular instance of a user’s activity on the server; sessions are the virtualization of the user’s environment.

Users access published applications in sessions after the client device establishes a connection with the server.

When a user logs on to the farm, the client device links to the server through a connection and establishes a session. This connection is known as the client connection. Users access published resources through client connections, inside of sessions.

As an administrator, you can customize users’ environments, including whether or not users can access mapped drives, such as the local client device’s hard disk; if they can access local special folders, the printers that are available, and the amount of bandwidth used for audio support. You can change these settings based on the location from where the users are connecting.

XenApp provides settings to ensure sessions remain reliable. You can also monitor users’ sessions, and their sessions’ status, by shadowing.