Product Documentation

To create an application desktop group

Oct 09, 2015

VM-hosted applications are hosted by desktops in application desktop groups.

  1. In Desktop Studio, select the Assignments node in the left pane and click Create Application Desktop Group. Use the Create Desktop Group wizard to create the desktop group.
  2. On the Catalog page, select a catalog for this desktop group, and enter the number of machines the group will consume from the catalog.
    Tip: If machine administrators include the total number of machines in a catalog's description, this appears on the Catalog page. Assignment administrators can use the number in conjunction with their selections in the wizard to ensure sufficient machines are available for the desktop group.
    The Users page appears if the desktop group is based on pooled - static, existing, or physical machines and these machines have not already been allocated accounts.
  3. If you want to give users access to applications hosted on the desktops in a private desktop group, give them access to the desktop group. On the Users page, add the users or user groups that can access the desktops, and enter the number of desktops available to each user.

    You can select user groups by browsing or entering a list of Active Directory users and groups each separated by a semicolon. You can import user data from a file after you create the group.

  4. On the Machine allocation page, confirm the mapping of machines to users for any machines that were allocated when the catalog was created.
  5. On the Delegation page, select the XenDesktop administrators who will manage this desktop group.
  6. On the Summary page, check all details, and enter a name for the desktop group.