Product Documentation

Deploying Applications to XenApp servers

Oct 09, 2015
XenApp Connector for Configuration Manager 2007 R2 uses the same packages and programs to deploy applications to XenApp servers that Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager uses to distribute software to Configuration Manager client computers. You can use XenApp Connector to install applications on XenApp servers and deploy Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) sequences to XenApp servers. After deploying an application or App-V sequence to XenApp servers, use XenApp Connector to publish it.

To deploy an App-V sequence to XenApp servers, use the Configuration Manager App-V deployment procedure for terminal servers.

To deploy an application to XenApp servers, use Configuration Manager to create a software distribution package and program for the application. Advertise this package and program to deploy the application:
  • If the application can be installed without restarting the server
  • For applications that require restarting the server, if you plan to place all servers in the farm into maintenance at the same time to install the application

Otherwise, after creating the software distribution package and program, create and advertise a program for XenApp for the application. This program for XenApp enables you to deploy the application in a way that manages XenApp user connections so that the application is installed without disrupting user sessions.

For Configuration Manager to manage a XenApp server, send it advertisements, and included it in publications, its information must be included in the Configuration Manager database.

To create a program for XenApp

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, expand the software distribution container for the application you want to deploy.
  2. Within the Programs folder, right-click Programs for XenApp and select New.
  3. Enter the name, installer program, and any comments for the program for XenApp, and click OK.
This creates a program for XenApp for the application you want to deploy. You can automatically access the publication wizard now or configure the publication of the application later.

To advertise the program for XenApp

After creating a program for XenApp, advertise it to those XenApp servers on which you want to deploy it.

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, expand the software distribution container for the application you want to deploy.
  2. Within the Programs folder, right-click Program for XenApp for the program you want to advertise and select Advertize.
  3. Select the collection of XenApp servers or worker groups on which you want to install the application.
  4. To ensure users are not connected to the server during the installation schedule the advertisement.
    1. Specify multiple mandatory assignments, one for each installation attempt. Create at least two mandatory assignment for each maintenance window.
    2. Select Rerun if failed previous attempt as the program rerun behavior.
    Unlike other advertisements created in Configuration Manager, advertisements for XenApp have a timeout period after which the XenApp Connector notifies users and logs them off. You set the timeout period when you configure the XenApp Connector. To ensure that the last mandatory assignment logs users off and installs the application, ensure the period between the first and last mandatory assignments is longer than the timeout period.
For XenApp servers that are configured to allow XenApp Connector to use Power and Capacity Management to manage their power states and load consolidation, XenApp Connector changes the servers' power controller preference to drain user connections from targeted servers that have not processed the advertisement.