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Publish applications

Sep 27, 2016

With Linux VDA version 1.4, Citrix added support for non-seamless published applications and session sharing to the virtual desktop. No specific installation procedures are required to use this functionality, and there are no special settings required when publishing applications. Citrix Studio is the primary vehicle for publising applications that can then be used by the Linux VDA.

This article includes the following:

Publish applications using Citrix Studio

You can publish applications installed on a Linux VDA machine when you create a delivery group or add applications to an existing delivery group. This process is similar to publishing applications installed on the Windows VDA. Refer to the following pages for additional information (based on the version of XenDesktop being used):


When configuring delivery groups, ensure that the delivery type is set to Desktop and applications or Applications

Turn off Seamless mode

Version 1.4 of the Linux VDA does not support the seamless feature. As a result, the published applications on the Linux VDA must be configured so that they launch in Windowed mode. Refer to the support site for information on how to configure Web Interface and StoreFront to launch applications in Windowed mode.

Set Window Manager

You can set the Window Manager to launch inside the application session by adding a configuration file (.icawm) in the $HOME directory. The content of this file must be the absolute path of the executable file of the Window Manager, for example, /usr/bin/mutter. By deault, this file is not created. In addition, the Window Manager you want to launch depends on other existing configuration files. In Red Hat and CentOS environments, the configuration file is /etc/sysconfig/desktop. In SUSE environments, the configuration file is /etc/sysconfig/windowmanager.


If GNOME is set for the desktop environment, the Window Manager mutter or metacity will be launched. If KDE is set for the desktop environment, the Window Manager kwin is launched. If you want to launch a different Window Manager, configure it through $HOME/.icawm.


In some cases, you might encounter a session that is unresponsive, displaying a gray screen when it starts. If this occurs, verify that the Window Manager is running. Ensure that the Window Manager set in the configuration file is installed on the Linux VDA.

Known issues

The following issues are known when publishing applications:

  • When manually adding applications, the two Browse buttons on the Add Applications Manually dialog are not applicable. On the Linux VDA, you cannot browse executable files from a remote Linux machine.
  • The icon of a manually added application is not automatically retrieved from the Linux VDA.
  • Session Pre-Launch and Session Lingering are not supported.
  • The minimized window of an application cannot be switched back to the foreground. 
  • The application icon is not displayed in Citrix Studio when enumerating applications if the corresponding desktop file in /usr/share/applications does not define the icon field.
  • When manually adding an application to Citrix Studio, the Browse button does not function. To resovle this issue, as an Administrator, input the information manually.
  • Citrix does not recommend that you open a published application and a published desktop simultaneously.
  • Enumerated applications are cached for next time usage. The cache is preserved for 5 minutes if no application enumeration occurs during that time. Newly added applications can only be detected after the cache is expired.