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Known issues

Sep 27, 2016

CDM files are missing when a directory contains numerous files and subdirectories.

This issue may occure if the client side has too many files or directories. It is isolated to Windows Receiver.

UTF-8 encoding support

At this release, only UTF-8 encoding is supported for non-English languages.

Client IME support

The Linux VDA does not support Client IME.

East Asian character input

The Linux VDA does not support East Asian character input. 

Known issues in the previous version

Citrix Receiver for Android CAPS LOCK state can be reversed when session roaming

The CAPS LOCK state may be lost when roaming an existing connection to the Citrix Receiver for Android. The workaround is to use the shift key on the extended keyboard to switch between upper case and lower case.

Shortcut keys with ALT do not always work when connecting to a Linux VDA using Citrix Receiver for Mac

Citrix Receiver for Mac sends AltGr for both left and right Options/Alt keys by default. It is possible to change this within the Citrix Receiver settings but the results vary with different applications.

Newer X client libraries can cause keyboard issues on SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11

Newer versions of the xorg-x11-libX11 packages on SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 may have problems handling keyboard mapping changes, which in turn may cause issues with keyboard functionality inside an HDX session. This can happen when the installed version of the packages is in the range 7.4- to 7.4-

The workaround is to rollback to the stock SP3 version of the xorg-x11-libX11 package, this enables keyboard mapping changes to work as normal. For example:

command 複製

rpm -i --force xorg-x11-libX11-7.4-5.9.1

rpm –i --force xorg-x11-libX11-32bit-7.4-5.9.1

rpm -e xorg-x11-libX11-7.4-

rpm -e xorg-x11-libX11-32bit-7.4-

This needs to be done before a user logs on to the machine – if this is done while a session is active, these settings will not take affect until the user next logs in.

If upgrading from stock SP3, the above xorg-x11-libX11 packages can be locked to the current installed version so that they won’t be changed during the upgrade. Before upgrading, run the following before proceeding with the upgrade as normal:

command 複製

zypper al xorg-x11-libX11

zypper al xorg-x11-libX11-32bit

Long session launches may occur when using Linux VDA with a Delivery Controller from XenDesktop v7.1

The slow launch is caused by the presence of CGP settings in the ICA file generated by the v7.1 Delivery Controller. When these settings are present, Citrix Receiver attempts to establish a connection on TCP port 2598. The default firewall settings on some Linux distributions, such as SLED 12, is to drop the TCP SYN packets, resulting in a timeout and hence a long session launch. The workaround is to configure the firewall on the Linux VDA to reject the TCP SYN on port 2598. This issue has been addressed in newer versions of the Delivery Controller.

Registration fails when Linux VDA is rejoined to the domain

Under certain circumstances, when a Linux VDA is rejoined to the domain and a fresh set of Kerberos keys are generated, the Broker fails to establish a security context with the VDA. This is often caused by the Broker using a cached out-of-date VDA service ticket based on the previous set of Kerberos keys. This won’t stop the VDA from connecting to the Broker, but the Broker will not be able to establish a return security context to the VDA. The usual symptom is that the VDA registration fails.

This problem will eventually resolve itself when the VDA service ticket eventually expires and is renewed, but service tickets are usually long-lived. This could potentially take an inordinate amount of time..

The solution is to clear the Broker’s ticket cache. You could simply reboot the Broker or run the following on the Broker from a command prompt as Administrator:

command 複製

klist -li 0x3e4 purge

This will purge all service tickets in the LSA cache held by the Network Service principal under which the Citrix Broker Service runs. This will remove service tickets for other VDAs and potentially other services. However, this is harmless – these service tickets will simply be reacquired from the KDC when needed again.

Audio plug-n-play not supported 

It is recommended that any audio capture device is connected to the client machine before starting to record audio in the ICA session. If a device is attached after the audio recording application has started the application may become unresponsive. If this issue occurs just restart the application. A similar issue may occur if  a capture device is unplugged while recording. 

Audio Distortion

Windows 10 Receiver may experience audio distortion during audio recording.