Product Documentation

Unpacking the Appliance

May 08, 2014

The hardware accessories for your particular appliance, such as cables, adapters, and rail kit, vary depending on the hardware platform you ordered. Unpack the box that contains your new appliance on a sturdy table with plenty of space and inspect the contents.

Use the following list to verify that you received everything that should have been included in the box.
  • The appliance you ordered
  • One RJ-45 to DB-9 adapter
  • One 6 ft RJ-45/DB-9 cable
  • The following list specifies the number of power cables included for each appliance model:
    • One power cable for the MPX 5500, MPX 5550/5650, MPX 7500/9500, and MPX 8005/8015/8200/8400/8600/8800 appliances
    • Two power cables for the MPX 15000, MPX 17000, MPX 9700/10500/12500/15500, MPX 11500/13500/14500/16500/18500/20500, MPX 11515/11520/11530/11540/11542, MPX 14000, MPX 17500/19500/21500, and MPX 25100T/25160T appliances
    • Four power cables for the MPX 22040/22060/22080/22100/22120 and MPX 24100/24150 appliances
      Note: Make sure that a power outlet is available for each cable.
    Note: For Brazilian customers, Citrix does not ship a power cable. Use a cable that conforms to the ABNT NBR 14136:2002 standard.
  • One standard 4-post rail kit
    Note: If the kit that you received does not fit your rack, contact your Citrix sales representative to order the appropriate kit.
In addition to the items included in the box with your new appliance, you will need the following items to complete the installation and initial configuration process.
  • Ethernet cables for each additional Ethernet port that you will connect to your network
  • One available Ethernet port on your network switch or hub for each NetScaler Ethernet port you want to connect to your network
    Note: Transceiver modules are sold separately. Contact your Citrix sales representative to order transceiver modules for your appliance. Only transceivers supplied by Citrix are supported on the appliance.
  • A computer to serve as a management workstation