Product Documentation

Behavioral Aspects of NetScaler with vPath

Oct 06, 2014

Some points to note in a NetScaler deployment with vPath configured:

  • The maximum value for the Maximum Segment Size (MSS) of the default TCP profile (nstcp_default_profile) is 1380.

  • The MSS used by services and virtual servers is determined as follows:

    • A service uses the MSS configured for the default TCP profile (nstcp_default_profile) regardless of the MSS of the TCP profile that is bound to the service.

    • A virtual server uses the MSS that is the lower of the MSS defined for the default TCP profile (nstcp_default_profile) and the TCP profile that is bound to the virtual server.

  • Supports pre-fragmentation of vPath encapsulated packets. Even packets with Do not Fragment (DF) bit set are pre-fragmented.

  • When encapsulating a full-size packet with vPath information, if the packet exceeds the MTU, then, if the icmpErrGenerate parameter is set to ENABLED, the NetScaler generates an ICMP (Type 3,code 4) fragment needed error message.