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Retrieving Statistics of NetScaler Resources

Jun 14, 2016

The NetScaler appliance collects statistics about the usage of its features and the corresponding resources. NITRO can retrieve these statistics.

  • To get statistics of a feature, the URL format must be: http://<netscaler-ip-address>/nitro/v1/stat/<feature_name>.
  • To get statistics of a resource, the URL format must be: http://<netscaler-ip-address>/nitro/v1/stat/<resource_type>/<resource_name>.
  • To get statistics of the services and service groups that are bound to a load balancing virtual server, the URL format must be: http://<netscaler-ip-address>/nitro/v1/stat/lbvserver/<name>?statbindings=yes.

For example, to get the statistics of a load balancing virtual server named MyFirstLbVServer:

  • Request:

    HTTP Method
    Request Headers
  • Response:

    HTTP Status Code on Success
    200 OK
    HTTP Status Code on Failure
    4xx <string> (for general HTTP errors) or 5xx <string> (for NetScaler-specific errors). The response payload provides details of the error.
    Response Header
    Response Payload
Note: Not all NetScaler features and resources have statistic objects associated with them.