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Providing access information to end users for Android

Dec 22, 2016
You must provide users with the Receiver account information they need to access their hosted applications, desktops, and data. You can provide this information by:
  • configuring email-based account discovery
  • providing users with a provisioning file
  • providing users with account information to enter manually

Configure email-based account discovery

You can configure Receiver to use email-based account discovery. When configured, users enter their email address rather than a server URL during initial Receiver installation and configuration. Receiver determines the Access Gateway or StoreFront server associated with the email address based on Domain Name System (DNS) Service (SRV) records and then prompts the user to log on to access their hosted applications, desktops, and data.


Email-based account discovery is not supported if Citrix Receiver is connecting to a Web Interface deployment.

To configure your DNS server to support email-based discovery, see Configuring Email-Based Account Discovery.

To configure Access Gateway to accept user connections by using an email address to discover the StoreFront or Access Gateway URL, see Connecting to StoreFront by Using Email-Based Discovery in the NetScaler documentation.

Provide users with a provisioning file

You can use StoreFront to create provisioning files containing connection details for accounts. You make these files available to your users to enable them to configure Receiver automatically. After installing Receiver, users simply open the .cr file on the device to configure Receiver. If you configure Receiver for Web sites, users can also obtain Receiver provisioning files from those sites.

For more information, see the StoreFront documentation.

Provide users with account information to enter manually

If you are providing users with account details to enter manually, ensure you distribute the following information to enable them to connect to their hosted and desktops successfully:
  • The StoreFront URL or XenApp Services site hosting resources; for example:
  • For access using the Access Gateway, provide the Access Gateway address and required authentication method.

    For more information about configuring NetScaler Gateway, see the NetScaler Gateway or XenApp (for Secure Gateway) documentation.

When a user enters the details for a new account, Citrix Receiver attempts to verify the connection. If successful, Receiver prompts the user to log on to the account.