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Known issues

Feb 14, 2017

Known issues in 3.11

The following known issues have been identified in version 3.11:

  • When adding a store that uses the StoreFront unified experience that is accessed through a NetScaler gateway, users may have to enter their login credentials multiple times to successfully login (including at the NetScaler login prompt). This issue only applies on the first user of the store; subsequent uses will only login through the NetScaler login prompt.


  • On certain devices stores cannot be addded using SmartCard.


  • When no certificates are installed on a user device, Citrix Receiver fails to launch sessions through NetScaler Gateway and the following error message appears:

     "General problem. Try connecting again."


  • Attempts to connect to StoreFront or VDAs using a smart card can fail. This issue is related to the baiMobile PCSC-Lite app.


  • If the display setting is set to Zoom in 150 percent, Zoom in 200 percent, or Zoom in 250 percent before you upgrade from Version 3.10, the setting defaults to Match server rather than Fit screen when the upgrade completes.


HDX for SDK for Android

  • In some cases, using the mouse back button inadvertently closes the soft keyboard. Clicking the back button again to redo the originally intended action resolves this issue.
  • In some cases, an inactive session (one that is idle for 10 minutes) may display an error message indicating a "General Problem, Try connecting again." To resolve this issue, relaunch the session.


  • In some situations, an active session may display an error message indicating a "General problem" when establishing a MHL>HDMI connection. To resolve this issue, try connecting the MHL>HDMI cable again.


  • In some cases, a desktop may request login credentials while a session launch screen appears in front of the login screen; the session launch screen cannot be dismissed, preventing a user from logging in.


  • Passwords are displayed when predictive text is enabled.


  • ACR is not supported when OpenGL rendering is used. To resolve this issue, configure Citrix Receiver for Android to disable OpenGL in the receiverconfig.txt file.