Product Documentation

Saving passwords

Feb 14, 2017

Using the Citrix Web Interface Management console, you can configure the authentication method to allow users to save their passwords. When you configure the user account, the encrypted password is saved until the first time the user connects.

  • If you enable password saving, Receiver stores the password on the device for future logons and does not prompt for passwords when users connect to applications.


The password is stored only if users enter a password when creating an account. If no password is entered for the account, no password is saved, regardless of the server setting.

  • If you disable password saving (default setting), Receiver prompts users to enter passwords every time they connect.


For StoreFront connections, password saving is not available.

To override password saving

If you configure the server to save passwords, users who prefer to require passwords at logon can override password saving:

  • When creating the account, leave the password field blank.
  • When editing an account, delete the password and save the account.