Product Documentation

Enable smart card support

Nov 12, 2015

Receiver for Android mobile devices provides support for Bluetooth smart card readers with a PNA site. If smart card support is enabled, you can use smart cards for the following purposes:

  • Smart card logon authentication. Use smart cards to authenticate users to Receiver.
  • Smart card application support. Enable smart card-aware published applications to access local smart card devices.
  • Signing documents and email. Applications such as Microsoft Word and Outlook that are launched in ICA sessions can access smart cards on the mobile device for signing documents and email.
Supported smart cards:
  • PIV cards
  • Common Access Cards

To configure smart card support on the device

  1. You must pair the smart card with the mobile device. For more information about how to pair smart card readers with the device, refer to the smart card reader specifications. For example, to pair the baiMobile Bluetooth smart card reader with the Android device, see:

    Smart card support for Android devices has the following prerequisites and limitations:

    • Receiver supports this feature on all the Android devices listed by the Biometric Associates middleware. For details, see
    • Some users might have a global Pin number for smart cards; however, when users log on to a smart card account, they should enter the PIV pin, not the global smart card pin. This is a 3rd party limitation.
    • Smart card authentication might be slower than password authentication. For example, after disconnecting from a session, wait about 30 seconds before attempting to reconnect. Reconnecting to a disconnected session too quickly might cause Receiver to fail.
    • Smart card authentication is not supported for browser-based access or from a XenApp site.
  2. Install Android PC/SC-Lite service on the Android device before adding a smart-card aware PNAgent account. This service is available in the form of an .apk file in the baiMobile SDK.

    For Android, the PC/SC-Lite .apk file can be downloaded from:

    • Google Play Store
  3. In Receiver, select the Settings icon, and select Accounts, select Add Account, or edit an existing account.
  4. Configure the connection, and turn on the smart card option.