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To configure StoreFront for Citrix Receiver for Android

Nov 12, 2015

To configure StoreFront

  • Only Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise Edition 9.3 and Access Gateway 10 are supported by Receiver for Android 3.x when using StoreFront.
  • Receiver for Android supports launching sessions from Receiver for Web, provided that the web browser will work with Receiver for Web. If launches do not occur, please configure your account through Receiver for Android directly.

With StoreFront, the stores you create consist of services that provide authentication and resource delivery infrastructure for Citrix Receiver. Create stores that enumerate and aggregate desktops and applications from XenDesktop sites and XenApp farms, making these resources available to users.

  1. Install and configure StoreFront. For details, see StoreFront in the Technologies > StoreFront section of eDocs. For administrators who need more control, Citrix provides a template you can use to create a download site for Receiver for Android.
  2. Configure stores for StoreFront just as you would for other XenApp and XenDesktop applications. No special configuration is needed for mobile devices. For details, see User Access Options in the StoreFront section of eDocs. For mobile devices, use either of these methods:
    • Provisioning files. You can provide users with provisioning files (.cr) containing connection details for their stores. After installation, users open the file on the device to configure Citrix Receiver automatically. By default, Receiver for Web sites offer users a provisioning file for the single store for which the site is configured. Alternatively, you can use the Citrix StoreFront management console to generate provisioning files for single or multiple stores that you can manually distribute to your users.
    • Manual configuration. You can directly inform users of the Access Gateway or store URLs needed to access their desktops and applications. For connections through Access Gateway, users also need to know the product edition and required authentication method. After installation, users enter these details into Citrix Receiver, which attempts to verify the connection and, if successful, prompts users to log on.

To configure Access Gateway

If you have users who connect from outside the internal network (for example, users who connect from the Internet of from remote locations), configure authentication through Access Gateway.
  • Only Citrix Access Gateway 9.3 Enterprise Edition and Access Gateway 10 are supported by Receiver for Android 3.x using StoreFront.
  • For details, see your version of Access Gateway in eDocs.

To configure Receiver to access apps

  1. When creating a new account, in the Address field, enter the matching URL of your store, such as
  2. Continue by completing the remaining fields and select the Access Gateway authentication method, such as enabling the security token, selecting the type of authentication, and saving the settings.