Product Documentation

Change Citrix Receiver Settings on the device

Nov 12, 2015

The following settings can be customized from the Settings tab in Citrix Receiver for Android:

  • Display
    • Session resolution: Select the in-session resolution. The default is Fit screen.
  • Keyboard
    • Use predictive text: Enable or disable predictive text. The default is Off
    • Extended keyboard: Enable or disable the Extended keyboard. The default is Off
    • Extended keys: Configure special keys, for example Alt and Ctrl, to display as part of the Extended keyboard
    • Enable client IME: When client-side IME is enabled, users can compose text at the insertion point rather than in a separate window. The default is Off.
  • Audio
    • Audio streaming: Configure in-session audio settings to Audio off, Play, Play and record. The default is Play.
  • Advanced
    • Use device storage: Permission to access device storage. The default is No access.
    • Ask before exiting: Configure to ask for confirmation before exiting. The default is On.
    • Enable clipboard: Configure to enable or disable use of clipboard. The default is Off.
    • Display orientation: Configure to fix display orientation to Landscape mode, Portrait mode, or Automatic (dynamic). The default is Automatic.
    • Keep display on: Configure to leave the device display on. The default is Off.
  • ShareFile: This feature is no longer supported and will be removed in a future update. Please use the ShareFile app.
  • About: About Citrix Receiver, version and copyright info.