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About Receiver for Android 3.6

Nov 12, 2015


This version of Citrix Receiver is not supported on Android M (6.0).  If your users have upgraded to Android M, have them update Citrix Receiver to the latest version. Your users can obtain the latest version on Google Play.

What's new in 3.6

This recent update includes:
  • Multi-touch mode. A configurable option is available to enable multi-touch gestures to be sent directly to a touch-enabled desktop or application. Multi-touch mode can be enabled using the in-session menu. Users can toggle between Multi-touch mode, Panning mode and Scrolling mode.
    Note: Multi-touch mode requires XenApp 7.0 or above, XenDesktop 7.0 or above, and is supported on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 2012 R2. If the server does not support multi-touch, then you can toggle between scrolling and panning modes.
    Enable Scrolling mode Enable Multi-touch mode Enable Panning mode
  • Graphics performance. The frame rate and decoding rate of Receiver for Android has been approximately doubled by enabling hardware decoding and OpenGL rendering for compatible devices and appropriate session resolutions.
  • External keyboard and mouse support. Receiver for Android behavior adapts when external keyboards and mice are connected to the device, such as not popping up the soft keyboard and enabling right-click.
  • Disabled use of SSL v3. To prevent a new attack, such as "POODLE" ,against the SSLv3 protocol, this version of Receiver for Android disables its use. For more information, see CTX 200238.
    Note: You must ensure that TLS 1.0 is enabled.
  • Removal of support for Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread). This version of Receiver for Android supports Android 4.0 or later including Android 5.0 (Lollipop).
  • Simple Session Roaming. When users log into Receiver, up to one session active on one device will roam to the local device. Sessions will not roam when using Receiver for web (via web interface).

Known issues

  • The middle mouse button does not behave in a consistent way. This release supports two-button mice, and two-button mice with scroll wheels. [#499353]
  • When Receiver for Android's Use predictive text setting is off, and you are using gesture typing (typing by sliding through letters), words do not show on-screen until the next word is started. The usability impact is that words can run together without a space in between. The suggested workaround is to enable the Receiver for Android Use predictive text setting. [#502503]
  • When working in Open GL mode, the session will be dropped without displaying the Automatic Client Reconnection (ACR) dialog. The log will contain the text "ACR is disabled by ReceiverViewActivity (OpenGL mode)". [#506483]
  • A generic error message, "General Problem. Try connecting again", is displayed when trying to launch an app in Receiver for Android, which does not have a trusted root certificate on the device. [#506936]
  • Cannot launch Receiver for Android in a specific docked configuration without a mouse. This has been seen with a Samsung S4 docked into a Samsung multimedia dock. When a mouse is added to the configuration, Receiver for Android launches and behaves as expected. The workaround is to add a mouse when docked in this configuration. [#512406]
  • Receiver for Android stops working when connecting to XenDesktop 7.0 server in MediaCodec with OpenGL in decoding and rendering mode. An example of a device which uses this mode by default is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" 2014 edition. To work around this issue, configure XenDesktop 7.0 server to not use H.264 with lossless text. For more information, see Optimize graphics and multimedia delivery in the XenDesktop 7.0 Documentation. [#516465]
  • Support for ShareFile access from the Receiver for Android Settings tab will be removed in a future update. Please use the ShareFile app from your Android device.
  • Account creation fails for ASUS Nexus 7 devices running Android version 4.1.1. To prevent this issue, update the device to the latest Android software, such as 4.2.2.
  • On some Android devices, the Bluetooth Mouse right-mouse click continues to invoke the Back action, causing the Exit dialog box to appear unintentionally. This issue occurs only on devices with firmware that does not support the right-mouse click. [#331168]
  • In Receiver for Android 3.5, the Full VPN Tunnel feature is not supported when you use smartcard authentication. [#456657]
  • When you connect to an FIPS NetScaler while the "denysslreneg" policy is set to No or Frontend Client and "Client Authentication" is set to Optional, you may encounter the following error when you log in to Receiver.
    • When you log in to Receiver by entering "Domain\username" in the username field, you may receive a prompt that your username or password was incorrect . This prompt displays Domain\Domain\username in the username field. To resolve this issue, remove one of the domain name entries and log in again using the domain|username format. [#466022]
  • Smooth Roaming or Workspace Control is not supported on Android. It may work, but not reliably. [#68728673]

Fixed issues

  • Multi-touch gestures are not supported on Windows 7.
  • When you access an app or desktop from a tablet with the keyboard displayed, rotating the tablet 90 degrees and deselecting the keyboard may not result in a full-screen display. If the display does not revert to full-screen after the keyboard is deselected, rotate the tablet 90 degrees to return to full-screen display. [#457589]
  • Receiver does not support Bluetooth Mouse on the Nexus 10 device. [#368795]
  • When you add a StoreFront account manually, the full store address is required to successfully add the account. [#455441]
  • Setting ProxyType=None in the WFClient and Application sections of the default.ica file does not work. [#495211]
  • When you rotate a device running Receiver for Android 3.5 quickly, the session work area does not respond to the rotation. [#495212]
  • The Password field in Receiver for Android 3.5 does not pop up on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. [#495336]
  • Adding a new account in Receiver for Android after adding an Access Gateway site caused an error. [#504846]
  • Key input shown as "-" on a Galaxy Note 10.1 with the Smart typing feature enabled. [#507650]
  • Citrix Receiver for Android does not operate correctly with Android L preview images, nor with the new ART (Android RunTime). [#489152]
  • On some devices, an Arithmetic Exception occurred when adding applications to Favorites. [#493904]