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Known Issues in Citrix Receiver for Android 3

Nov 30, 2016

Known issues in 3.9.1

The following known issue has been identified at version 3.9.1:

  • Multiple authentication prompts may occur when adding a Web UI store in certain scenarios.

Known issues in 3.9

Citrix Receiver for Android

This section contains information about known issues for Citrix Receiver for Android and HDX SDK issues related to Android.

  • In some situations, Citrix Receiver may prevent you from attaching a file; an error message states that the session "Cannot attach empty file."


  • On certain devices stores cannot be addded using SmartCard.


  • Deleting an account does not log it off before deletion. Citrix recommends that you logoff an account prior to deleting it; this will avoid auto-logon on shared devices as the previous user.


  • When adding a store that uses the StoreFront unified experience that is accessed through a NetScaler gateway, users may have to enter their login credentials multiple times to successfully login (including at the NetScaler login prompt). This issue only applies on the first user of the store; subsequent uses will only login through the NetScaler login prompt.


  • When using the StoreFront unified experience through a NetScaler gateway, if you use the Log Off All option, Citrix Receiver may display an HTTP 1.1 error in the main user interface. This issue will clear after approximately 40 seconds.


  • Changing the type of a store from the StoreFront WebUI Access Gateway and logging in again can cause Citrix Receiver to exit. To resolve this issue, delete the store and re-add it as an Access Gateway type.


HDX for SDK for Android

  • ACR is not supported when OpenGL rendering is used. To resolve this issue, configure Citrix Receiver for Android to disable OpenGL in the receiverconfig.txt file.


  • In some cases, a desktop may request login credentials while a session launch screen appears in front of the login screen; the session launch screen cannot be dismissed, preventing a user from logging in.


  • On some devices, the Ctrl+Space key combination on a soft keyboard does not function. To resolve this issue, use the extended keyboard's Ctrl key with the soft keyboard's space key.


  • In some cases, using the mouse back button inadvertently closes the soft keyboard. Clicking the back button again to redo the originally intended action resolves this issue.


  • Passwords are displayed when predictive text is enabled.


  • In some situations, an active session may display an error message indicating a "General problem" when establishing a MHL>HDMI connection. To resolve this issue, try connecting the MHL>HDMI cable again.


  • In some cases, an inactive session (one that is idle for 10 minutes) may display an error message indicating a "General Problem, Try connecting again." To resolve this issue, relaunch the session.


  • Occasionally, when logging off a session, the message "Unfortunately, Receiver has stopped" may be displayed briefly. Citrix Receiver is still running, the message will be removed, and you can continue working as before.