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Enabling Proxy Servers in XenMobile

Sep 25, 2015

When you want to control outbound internet traffic, you can set up a proxy server in XenMobile to carry that traffic. To do this, you need to set up the proxy server through the command-line interface (CLI). Note that setting up the proxy server requires restarting your system.

1. In the XenMobile CLI main menu, type 2 to select the System Menu.

2. In the System Menu, type 6 to select the Proxy Server Menu.

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3. In the Proxy Configuration Menu, type 1 to select SOCKS, 2 to select HTTPS, or 3 to select HTTP. 

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4. Type your proxy server IP address, port number, and target. See the following table for supported target types for each proxy server type.

Proxy type

Supported targets






Web, PKI

HTTP with authentication

Web, PKI

HTTPS with authentication

Web, PKI


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5. If you choose to configure a user name and password for authentication on your HTTP or HTTPS proxy server, type y, and then type the username and password.

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6. Type y to finish setting up your proxy server.