Product Documentation

Configure Android for Work account settings

Jul 28, 2015

Before you can start managing Android for Work apps and policies on users' devices you must set up Android for Work domain and account information in XenMobile. Before doing that, however, you must complete Android for Work setup tasks on Google to set up a domain administrator, and obtain a service account ID and a binding token. For more information on Android for Work setup tasks on Google, see Managing Devices with Android for Work.

1.       In the XenMobile console, click Configure > Settings.

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2. Expand More and then under Server, click Android for Work. The Android for Work page appears.

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3. On the Android for Work page, configure the following settings:

  • Domain Name: Type your domain name.
  • Domain Admin Account: Type your domain administrator user name.
  • Service Account ID: Type your Google Service Account ID.
  • Binding Token: Type, or paste, the binding token you received from Google when you set up your Android for Work account.
  • Enable Android for Work: Select whether to enable Android for Work.

4.  Click Save.