Product Documentation

List of Application Connector Types

Feb 11, 2015

The following table lists the connectors and the types of connectors that are available within XenMobile. The table also indicates if the connector supports user account management, which enables you to create new accounts automatically or by using a workflow.

Connector name SSO SAML Supports user account management
EchoSign_SAML Y Y
Globoforce_SAML   Note: When using this connector, you must enable User Management for Provisioning to ensure seamless SSO integration.
GoogleApps_SAML Y Y
GoogleApps_SAML _IDP Y Y
Lynda_SAML Y Y
Office365_SAML Y Y
Salesforce_SAML Y Y
Salesforce_SAML_SP Y Y
SandBox_SAML Y
SuccessFactors_SAML Y  
ShareFile_SAML Y  
ShareFile_SAML_SP Y