Product Documentation

Creating App Categories in XenMobile

Feb 13, 2015
When users log on to Worx Home, they receive a list of the apps, web links, and stores that you have added and configured in XenMobile. You can use app categories to allow users to access only the apps, stores, or web links that you want. For example, you can create a Finance category and then add apps to the category that only pertain to finance. Or, you can configure a Sales category to which you assign sales apps. You can also configure an Apple category for the App Store.
You configure categories on the Apps page in the XenMobile console. Then, when you configure or edit an app, web link, or store, you can add the app to one of the categories you've configured.

To add a category

  1. In the XenMobile console, click Configure > Apps. The Apps page appears.
  2. On the Apps page, click Category.

  3. In the Categories dialog box, enter the name of the category you want to add and then click the Plus sign (+) . For example, enter Enterprise Apps and then click the Plus sign (+).

    The newly created category is added and appears in the same Categories dialog box. If no categories are currently configured, only the Default category appears.

  4. Repeat step 3 to add as many new categories as you want and then close the Categories dialog box.
  5. On the Apps page, you can categorizing an existing app into a new category. Select the app you want to categorize.

  6. Click Edit to categorize the app.

    The App Information page appears.
  7. In App category list, apply the category by selecting the category check box.

  8. Click Next to step through the remaining pages of the app configuration.
  9. Click Save on the last page to apply the category. The newly created category is applied to the app and appears in the App table.