Product Documentation

Provisioning file formats

Mar 06, 2015
A provisioning file that you create manually and use to import user accounts and properties to XenMobile must be in the following formats:
  • User provisioning file fields: user;password;role;group1;group2
  • User attribute provisioning file fields: user;propertyName1;propertyValue1;propertyName2;propertyValue2
  • The fields within the provisioning file are separated by a semi-colon (;). If part of a field contains a semi-colon, it must be escaped with a backslash character (\). For example, the property propertyV;test;1;2 would be typed as propertyV\;test\;1\;2 in the provisioning file.
  • Valid values for Role are the predefined roles USER, ADMIN, SUPPORT, and DEVICE_PROVISIONING, plus any additional roles that you have defined.
  • The period character (.) is used as a separator to create group hierarchy; therefore, you cannot use a period in group names.
  • Property attributes in attribute provisioning files must be lowercase. The database is case-sensitive.

Example of user provisioning content

This entry, user01;pwd\;01;USER;myGroup.users01;myGroup.users02;myGroup.users.users01, means:

  • User: user01
  • Password: pwd;01
  • Role: USER
  • Groups:
    • myGroup.users01
    • myGroup.users02
    • myGroup.users.users.users01

Example of user attribute provisioning content

This entry, user01;propertyN;propertyV\;test\;1\;2;prop 2;prop2 value, means:

  • User: user01
  • Property 1:
    • name: propertyN
    • value: propertyV;test;1;2
  • Property 2:
    • name: prop 2
    • value: prop 2 value