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Bulk enrollment of iOS devices

Jul 14, 2015

You can enroll large numbers of iOS devices in XenMobile in two ways. You can use Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP) to enroll devices that you buy directly from Apple or from a participating Apple Authorized Reseller or carrier; or you can use the Apple Configurator to enroll devices regardless of whether they were purchased directly from Apple.

With DEP, you do not have to touch or prepare the devices; you submit device serial numbers or purchase order numbers through DEP and the devices are configured and enrolled in XenMobile. After the devices are enrolled, you can give them  to users who can start using them right out of the box. In addition, when you set up devices with DEP, you can eliminate some of the Setup Assistant steps that users would otherwise have to complete when they first start their devices. For more information on setting up DEP, see Apple's Device Enrollment Program page. 

With the Apple Configurator, you attach devices to an Apple computer running OS X 10.7.2 or later and the Apple Configurator app. You prepare the devices and configure policies through the Apple Configurator. After you provision the devices with the required policies, the first time the devices connect to XenMobile, the policies are applied and you can start managing the devices. For more information on using the Apple Configurator, see Apple's Apple Configurator page.

1. In the XenMobile console, click Configure > Settings. The Settings page appears.

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2. Under Server, click iOS Bulk Enrollment. The iOS Bulk Enrollment page appears.

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If you are configuring DEP settings, see Configuring DEP settings; if you are configuring Apple Configurator settings, see Configuring Apple Configurator settings.

Configuring Apple Configurator settings

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1. Set Device Enrollment Program to No.

2. Set Apple Configurator Device Enrollment to Yes

3. Expand Apple Configurator Device Enrollment Configuration and note and configure these settings:

  • MDM server URL to copy in Apple Configurator: This read-only field is the URL for the XenMobile server that communicates with Apple, and which you copy and paste into the Apple Configurator in a later step.
  • Require device registration: Selecting this setting requires you to add the configured devices to the Devices tab in XenMobile manually or through a CSV file before they can be enrolled. This ensures that no unknown devices can enroll. The default is to require adding devices.


If the XenMobile server is using a trusted SSL certificate, skip the next step.

4. Click Export Anchor Certs and save the certchain.pem file to the OS X keychain (login or System).

5. Start the Apple Configurator and go to Prepare -> Setup -> Configure Settings …

6. In the Device Enrollment setting, paste the MDM server URL from step 5 into the MDM server URL field in the Configurator.

7. In the Device Enrollment setting, copy the Root Certificate Authority and SSL Servers Certificate Authority to the Anchor certificates, if XenMobile is not using a trusted SSL certificate.

8. Use a Dock Connector to USB cable to connect devices to the Mac running the Apple Configurator to simultaneously configure up to 30 connected devices. If you do not have a Dock Connector, use one or more powered USB 2.0 high-speed hubs to connect the devices.

9. Click Prepare. For more information on preparing devices with the Apple Configurator, see the Apple Configurator help page Prepare devices.

10. In the Apple Configurator, configure the device policies you require.

11. As each device is prepared, turn it on to start the iOS Setup Assistant, which prepares the device for first-time use.

Configuring DEP settings

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1. Set Device Enrollment Program to Yes.

2. Set Apple Configurator Device Enrollment to No

3. Expand DEP Configuration and configure these settings:

Server Tokens

  • Consumer key:
  • Consumer secret:
  • Access token:
  • Access secret:
  • Access token expiration:


  • Business unit:
  • Support phone number:
  • Support email address:
  • Unique service ID:
  • Pairing: Select whether to allow devices enrolled through DEP to be managed through iTunes and the Apple Configurator. The default is Allow.
  • Supervised mode: Must be set to Yes if you are using the Apple Configurator to manage DEP enrolled devices. The default is Yes.
  • Device profile removal: Select whether to allow devices to use a profile that can be removed remotely. The default is Allow
  • Require device enrollment: Select whether to require users to enroll their devices. The default is to not require enrollment.


Select the iOS Setup Assistant steps that your users will not have to use when they start their devices for first time use.

  • Skip
    • Location: Set up the location service on the device.
    • Restore from backup: Set up the device as new or from an iCloud or iTunes backup.
    • Apple ID and iCloud: Set up an Apple ID and iCloud account for the device.
    • Terms and Conditions: Require user to accept terms and conditions for use of the device.
    • Passcode: Create a passcode for the device.
    • Siri: Use or not use Siri on the device.
    • Touch ID: Set up Touch ID on the device.
    • Apple Play: Set up access to Apple Play on the device.
    • Zoom: Set up the display resolution (either standard or zoomed).
    • Diagnostics: Set up whether to share crash data and usage statistics with Apple.