Product Documentation

Google Play Credentials

Feb 20, 2015

XenMobile uses Google Play credentials to extract app information for the device.

Note: To locate your Android ID, enter *#*#8255#*#* on your phone.
Important: To enable XenMobile to extract app information, you may need to configure your Gmail account to permit unsecure connections. For steps, see the Google support site.

To configure XenMobile to use Google Play credentials

  1. In the XenMobile web console, click Configure > Settings > More > Google Play Credentials.

    The Google Play Credentials configuration screen appears.

  2. In User name, enter the name associated with the Google Play account.
  3. In Password, enter the user password.
  4. In Device ID, enter your Android ID.

    Enter *#*#8255#*#* on your phone to determine the Android ID.

  5. Click Save.