Product Documentation

iOS Device Enrollment Program

Feb 13, 2015

You can set up an iOS Device Enrollment Program in XenMobile for mobile devices running iOS. The feature lets iOS devices notify Apple servers about a profile that customizes the experience of the device setup assistant which can then can be assigned to specific devices.

To configure the iOS Device Enrollment Program in XenMobile

  1. In the XenMobile web console, click Configure > Settings > More > iOS Bulk Enrollment Program > DEP Configuration.

    The DEP (Device Enrollment Program) Configuration page appears. 

  2. In Details, configure the following settings:
    • Device enrollment: Click YES.
    • Consumer key: Enter the consumer key.
    • Consumer secret: Enter a consumer secret.
    • Access token: Specify the access token.
    • Access secret: Enter the secret for the access token.
    • Access token expiration: Optionally, specify the access token expiration.
  3. Click Test Connection to verify connectivity.
  4. Expand Device Setup and then configure the following settings:
    • Business unit: Enter the name associated with the Business unit.
    • Support phone number: Enter the phone number for support.
    • Support email address: Optionally, enter the Support email address.
    • Unique service ID: Optionally include a unique service ID.
  5. In Device Settings, configure the following device settings that are associated with the iOS Device Enrollment Program:
    • Allow or deny pairing: Click Allow to enable the device to be managed through Apple Tools, such as iTunes and the Apple Configurator.
      Note: If you allow pairing, and use the Apple Configurator, in Supervised mode, select YES.
    • Device profile removal: If you want the device to use a profile that can be removed remotely, click Allow.
    • Require device enrollment: Select this check box to prevent users from skipping the enrollment process.
  6. In Device Setup Steps, configure the following settings:
    • Location services: Click Set up to enable the device to share the location or click Skip to prevent the device from sharing its location.
    • Restore from backup: Click Set up to enable a device to restore data from a backup file.
    • Apple and iCloud: Click Set up if you want the device to use the Apple ID and iCloud.
    • Terms and Conditions: Click Set up.
    • Passcode: Click Set up to use a passcode for device enrollment.
    • Siri: Click Set up to enable a device to use Siri..
    • Touch ID: Click Set up to use Touch ID for the device.
    • Apple Pay: Click Set up to enable Apple Pay for the device.
    • Zoom: Click Set up to enable zoom.
    • Diagnostics: Click Set up to allow the device to share diagnostics.
  7. Click Save.