Product Documentation


Feb 13, 2015

You can configure settings specific to the iOS Volume Purchase Plan (VPP) in XenMobile. The iOS VPP simplifies the process to find, buy, and distribute apps and other data in bulk for an organization. VPP provides a simple, scalable solution to manage an organization's content needs.

After you save and validate the iOS VPP settings in XenMobile, the purchased apps are added to the table on the Apps tab in the XenMobile console.

To configure iOS VPP in XenMobile

In the XenMobile web console, click Configure > Settings More > iOS Settings.

The iOS VPP configuration screen appears.

localized image
  1. In Store user password in Worx Home, select the check box to securely store a user name and password in Worx Home for XenMobile authentication.
  2. In User property for Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) country mapping, enter a code to allow users to download apps from country-specific app stores.

    This mapping is used to choose the property pool of the VPP. For example, if the user property is United States, that user cannot download apps if the VPP code for the app is distributed in the United Kingdom. Contact your VPP plan administrator for more information about the country mapping code.

  3. Click Add under VPP Accounts.
  4. Add a Name and Suffix.
  5. In Company Token, enter a token that represents the VPP service token generated when a user buys something from the Apple App Store through a company-based account. The token is used to validate the VPP license. For example, if you have an Apple VPP account for Business, visit, click Business, and log in with your Apple VPP account credentials to retrieve the appropriate information.
  6. Click Save. The information is then displayed in the Apps table: