Product Documentation

Samsung KNOX

Feb 13, 2015

You can configure XenMobile to query the Samsung KNOX attestation server REST APIs.

Samsung KNOX leverages hardware security capabilities that provide multiple levels of protection for the operating system and applications. One level of this security resides at the platform through attestation. An attestation server provides verification of the mobile device's core system software (for example, the boot loaders and kernel) at runtime based on data collected during trusted boot.

To enable Samsung KNOX attestation

  1. In the XenMobile web console, click Configure> Settings > More > Samsung KNOX.

    The Samsung KNOX configuration page appears.

  2. In Enable Samsung KNOX attestation, click YES.
  3. When you click YES in step 2, the Web service URL option is enabled. In the list, click the appropriate attestation server.
  4. Click Test Connectiion to verify the connection.
  5. Click Save.