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To lock an iOS device

Jul 24, 2015

You can lock an iOS device with an accompanying display of a message and phone number that appears on the device lock screen. This feature is supported on iOS 7 and 8 devices.

If you choose to include a message and phone number for the lock screen, the message and phone number only appears on a locked device if you have also set the Passcode policy in the XenMobile console, or if users have enabled the passcode manually on the device.

1. In the XenMobile console, click Manage > Devices. The Devices page appears.

localized image

2. Select the iOS device you want to lock.

When you select the check box next to a device, the options menu appears above the device list; when you click anywhere else in the list, the options menu appears on the right side of the listing.

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localized image

3. In the options menu, select Secure. The Security Actions dialog box appears.

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4. Select Lock. The Security Actions confirmation dialog box appears.

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5. Optionally, enter a message and phone number that will appear on the device’s lock screen.

6. Click Lock Device.